Abbot Knittel on the scaffolding Miraculous animals

During a structural inspection, Abbot Benedikt found unexpected companions on the scaffolding, which he took as a positive sign for his building plans. The group of animals on the north tower of the Schöntal monastery church still make reference to this myth.

Group of animals on the north tower of Schöntal monastery church

The figures make reference to the legend to this day.

Successful construction

One day, when Abbot Benedikt Knittel was examining the construction of the monastery church, he heard a commotion behind him. He turned around and was astonished: A dog, a stag and a doe had followed him from the animal enclosure all the way to the scaffolding. For Abbot Knittel, this was a symbolic event and he took it as a good sign for the successful progress of the construction work. Furthermore, Knittel had his experience recorded for posterity on the upper ledge of the north tower facade.

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