Schöntal Monastery, Abbot's quarters

The center of the abbey's powerThe abbot's quarters

The splendid abbot's quarters in the New Abbey offered more than just quiet or a space to work. The room was also the abbot's residence, where he received guests. Because of the many paintings therein, the room is also called the gallery of paintings. A secret door, disguised as a cabinet, still surprises visitors.

Abbot's quarters, Schöntal Monastery

The abbot's quarters were the seat of the abbots power.

A room for reflection and action

The abbot's quarters are accessed via the Order Hall and the hunting room. From the mid 18th century until secularization in 1802, this room not only served as the abbot's living quarters, but also as his seat of power. It is where he resolved church questions, discussed questions of law and made important decisions regarding the future of Schöntal Monastery. A door, hidden inside a cabinet, allowed the abbot to eavesdrop on conversations.

Abbot's quarters, Schöntal Monastery

Biblical motifs characterize the gallery of paintings.

Christian imagery

Baroque elements dominate the abbot's quarters. The wall embellishments are particularly striking. They are completely covered with fabric that is quite realistically painted. Observers would think the walls were covered in a green damask and hung with framed paintings. Moses and the burning bush, the birth of Christ, the veil of Veronica, or the good Samaritan—countless motifs from the old and new testaments characterize the gallery of paintings.

Kloster Schöntal, Deckenstuck im Abtszimmer
Kloster Schöntal, Stuck im Abtszimmer

Rich stucco decor in the abbot's quarters.

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